Is It Time for Expert Tree Pruning in Burlington NC?

Tree Pruning Burlington NC Protect Your Property!

Protect your property with expert tree pruning in Burlington, North Carolina. Pruning removes overgrown or dangerous branches, ensuring tree health while preventing property damage. Additionally, pruning can mean more sunlight coming through treetops, for a stunning view. Ask us here at Burlington Tree Care & Removal Service for more information about needed tree cutting!

If you’ve never scheduled tree pruning service for your property, it’s time to make that call. Pruning away overly heavy, thick branches reduces weight and energy a tree expends. In turn, that tree can stay healthy and strong. Removing heavy branches also eliminates the risk of one snapping and falling unexpectedly!

With this in mind, why not call us today for your free tree and property inspection and price quote? We’ll explain pruning benefits and other services in detail if needed. Additionally, we always ensure a safe, damage-free project on every property! For more information, use our contact form or just reach out to our customer care team.

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Cables used for tree pruning.

What Is Tree Pruning Versus Trimming and Cutting?

Tree pruning removes unwanted or dangerous branches, whereas trimming simply shapes trees. Cutting often refers to both, but pruning and trimming provide different benefits:

  • Pruning tree branches alleviates weight on a tree, so it expends less energy. Also, those branches won’t rob a tree of needed nutrients. In turn, it stays healthy and strong.
  • Expert pruning also removes branches getting dangerously close to overhead wires, nearby roofs, and other structures. It also cuts away branches hanging over pools, patios, fences, and the like.
  • Trimming shapes a tree and is often done for aesthetics, not tree maintenance. For instance, trimming creates a triangular evergreen shape or can round off thick treetops.
  • In most cases, trimming doesn’t affect a tree’s overall health or condition. On the other hand, the right tree pruning techniques encourage growth and means healthy fruit or flowering blossoms.

If you still have questions about pruning, trimming, cutting, branch removal, and other tree services, call us! We’re happy to answer your questions and schedule a no-cost consultation for your property’s trees.

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Never Attempt DIY or Amateur Tree Pruning and Cutting!

If you need tree pruning, why not just rent some heavy-duty equipment and try it on your own? There are many reasons to leave this work to the pros! One, improper pruning techniques wounds a tree so that it could wither and die. Two, heavy-duty pruning equipment risks serious injury in the wrong hands.

Also, remember that you can’t just review tree pruning tips online and assume you can tackle your trees. Learning how to prune a tree requires training and hands-on experience. Additionally, a professional knows how to adjust their pruning methods to various tree species and conditions. Our team also ensures safe working conditions, avoiding injury and costly property damage.

For these reasons and more, call us for your needed tree pruning and care. We’ll perform a full inspection and get your property started on expert cutting. We’re also happy to explain why your tree needs various pruning and other services. To get your property started, call us right now!

Chainsaw used for tree pruning.
A contractor performing tree pruning.

What Makes Us #1 for Burlington Tree Removal & Tree Trimming

Burlington Tree Care & Removal Service is your #1 choice for tree pruning and other tree services. What makes us stand out from the competition? First, we have 20 years of industry experience, ensuring the expertise needed for your project. Second, we never start trimming or pruning without a full tree and property inspection.

Also, our crew ensures a safe work environment, protecting your property from damage during the pruning process. We also know the best pruning techniques for various tree species and concerns. In turn, you know that your beloved trees will stay healthy and strong over the years.

So, why not give us a call today? After all, those trees won’t prune themselves! Additionally, the longer you ignore dangerous branches, the greater the risk of damage. On the other hand, our expert services ensure strong trees and a safe property. To schedule your FREE consultation and price quote, contact us today!



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"I required emergency tree services when an old oak near my house started leaning the wrong way! Thankfully, Burlington Tree Care & Removal Service was on the job the next day. They were even able to save our tree. If you're ever in need of any tree care services, call them, definitely recommend!"
- Meryl S.

Our Burlington Tree Service Contractors Do More Than Just Trimming!

Burlington Tree Care & Removal Service offers expert tree services for residential and commercial properties. Call us for needed trimming and pruning as well as full tree removal and stump grinding. Additionally, we provide shrub and hedge trimming and can remove those as well! Moreover, we’re the pros to trust for land clearing, perfect for construction or other projects.

Remember, we always start with a FREE inspection and price quote. In turn, you have nothing to lose and only a stunning, safe property to gain by calling us. To find out more or to schedule your consultation, contact us today.

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Your property deserves nothing less than the best tree services in Burlington, which is what you’ll get when you call Burlington Tree Care & Removal Service. FREE quotes, convenient appointments. Call us at (336) 490-9111
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