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To ensure your property is safe and beautiful, call Burlington Tree Care & Removal Service for expert tree care in Burlington! Regular, professional tree care services ensure trees stay healthy through the years while removing dangerous branches and dead or diseased trees prevents property damage.

Tree services also allow struggling trees to grow and thrive! Tree cabling gives support to wounded or damaged trees so they can heal and grow strong again. Tree disease treatment for Burlington properties also helps trees struggling with disease or infestation, avoiding preventable death.

To find out more about needed tree service, call the experts here at Burlington Tree Care & Removal Service. We offer FREE quotes and convenient appointments, so don’t hesitate to contact us today for your no-hassle, no-obligation appointment!

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Contractors performing tree services in Burlington.

Our Tree Care Services in Burlington

Safe, Reliable Tree Trimming in Burlington

Tree trimming in Burlington is vital for ensuring a safe property. Overgrown tree branches close to wires or cables, or hanging over a roof or neighboring property, can cause expensive property damage!

For expert tree trimming in Burlington, call the pros here at our tree removal company. We have over 20 years of experience in removing overgrown branches without damaging surrounding property or fixtures.

When you call Burlington Tree Care & Removal Service, we also ensure all brush is removed properly, for a clean and pristine property after trimming services. To find out more or schedule your FREE consultation, give us a call today!

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A contractor tree pruning in Burlington.

Professional Tree Pruning 

Professional tree pruning in Burlington ensures trees stay healthy throughout the years. Overly thick branches drain a tree of energy and nutrients so that it might struggle to survive, while trimming away those branches keeps a tree healthy and strong.

Regular tree pruning also means fresh air and sunlight around the tree trunk, for healthy growth! While regular pruning is beneficial, this job is best left to the pros, to ensure proper cutting methods.

For expert tree pruning, call us at Burlington Tree Care & Removal Service. We start every project with a full-scale inspection, to ensure safe cutting methods and healthy trees that thrive.

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Add Beauty With Tree Shaping in Burlington

Tree shaping on a Burlington property is an excellent choice for adding a unique style to your space. Tree shaping can offer a more rounded tree appearance, for a softer look and to break up harsh lines along a home or commercial structure.

Regular tree shaping on a Burlington property can also “clean up” a tree’s silhouette, for a trimmed and manicured appearance. Tree shaping also creates a more uniform horizon or landscape, for a stunning property.

To learn more about tree shaping on your property, call Burlington Tree Care & Removal Service. We work with every client individually, to create a care plan that suits your needs and budget!

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A contractor tree shaping in Burlington.
Finished tree planting in Burlington.

Call Us for Tree Planting ASAP

Tree planting on a Burlington property is not a DIY job! Excavations are dangerous and trees must be placed in areas so that their roots don’t encroach on underground foundations or buried wires and other such structures.

Property owners might also overlook how a tree will grow and then affect their view of the horizon, or if branches might then encroach on overhead wires or hang dangerously over a home, pool, fence, or other structure.

For safe tree planting on a Burlington property, call the pros at Burlington Tree Care & Removal Service today. We will work with you to create a plan that ensures safe, beautiful trees on your property for years to come.

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Expert, Affordable Shrub Trimming in Burlington

Regular shrub trimming in Burlington keeps hedges and other vegetation neat and pristine and in good condition. Our crew can create a boxy, manicured look, or simply trim away overgrown limbs, to keep shrubs healthy and your property looking its best.

At Burlington Tree Care & Removal Service, we also provide full-service shrub removal, to ensure safe digging and root cutting. We also haul away all debris, so your property is clean and welcoming once the work is complete!

If you know your property’s shrubs and hedges need some tidying up, call us here at our tree care company for your FREE quote and consultation.

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Heavy-duty tree cabling in Burlington.

Protect Trees With Tree Cabling

If you have weak or damaged trees on your property, call us for tree cabling in Burlington. Cabling and bracing adds support to trees, preventing added damage and allowing those trees to mend and grow healthy and strong.

Before you decide that a wounded tree on your property needs removing, call us here at Burlington Tree Care & Removal Service. We’ll inspect that tree from top to bottom and make note of any damage, and recommend the best choice of tree service or bracing for you.

To find out more about tree cabling for Burlington properties and if it’s the right option for your property’s tree, give us a call today!

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Save a Tree With Tree Disease Treatment in Burlington

Tree disease treatment in Burlington can save diseased, decaying, or infested trees, preventing their death! Fungicides kill harmful mushrooms and other fungi and soil treatments ensure trees get needed hydration without overwatering, preventing rot and other damage.

Pest removal by the pros here at Burlington Tree Care & Removal Service also restores tree health, keeping out bothersome insects, rodents, and other unwanted visitors! Your trees will grow strong and healthy again after our advanced tree services.

If you suspect a tree on your property is diseased or infested, call the experts at Burlington Tree Care & Removal Service for your FREE tree service quote today.

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Inspecting a tree that needs tree disease treatment in Burlington.


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"I required emergency tree services when an old oak near my house started leaning the wrong way! Thankfully, Burlington Tree Care & Removal Service was on the job the next day. They were even able to save our tree. If you're ever in need of any tree care services, call them, definitely recommend!"
- Meryl S.

Our Service Areas

If you need expert, affordable tree service in Burlington, Mebane, Graham, Gibsonville, Elon, Ossipee, or anywhere in between, give us a call! Here at Burlington Tree Care & Removal Service, we specialize in tree maintenance for Burlington properties and ensure quality services you can trust.

Burlington Tree Care & Removal Service also provides topnotch commercial tree care for Burlington businesses, keeping your commercial property as safe and beautiful as your own backyard! To find out more or to schedule your FREE consultation, give us a call today.

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Your property deserves nothing less than the best tree services in Burlington, which is what you’ll get when you call Burlington Tree Care & Removal Service. FREE quotes, convenient appointments. Call us at (336) 490-9111
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