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Protect your property by investing in professional tree removal services.

Tree removal in Burlington is not a DIY job! Digging up large trees or cutting fallen trees without the right tools and techniques can risk costly property damage and injury to anyone in the vicinity. Tree removal also typically requires far more time and effort than property owners realize!

Even everyday contractors often lack the training, skill, and equipment needed for safe tree removal and stump grinding services. For safe, reliable tree removal job, without property damage or risk of injury, rely on the pros here at Burlington Tree Care & Removal Service.

At Burlington Tree Care & Removal Service, we have over 20 years of experience in tree care including full removals and stump grinding, providing fast, affordable services you can trust. To find out more or to get started with the tree care services you need to have done, give us a call!

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Scheduling Tree Removal: When's the Best Time? 

Do you know when it’s time to schedule tree removal on your property?

Don’t wait until a tree outright falls to schedule tree removal on a Burlington property! Dead or decaying trees, cracked trees, and leaning trees are all at risk of falling, which can result in expensive property damage and injury to anyone nearby.

Infested trees can also allow pests to make their way to your home, and these can cause thousands of dollars of damage to wood framing and other materials! Roots from large trees also might encroach on nearby structures or underground plumbing fixtures, also leading to expensive repairs.

To avoid these risks, call us for assistance at the first sign of damage or infestation. For more information about when it’s time for tree removal services or to learn about our services, call the pros here at Burlington Tree Care & Removal Service.

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Our Expert Burlington Tree Removal Services

Schedule Fallen Tree Removal in Burlington ASAP!

Never put off fallen tree removal in Burlington! Fallen trees create tripping hazards and can damage the lawn under them. They’re also a favorite hiding spot for bothersome pests including rodents and insects.

Trees that have split and which are now leaning onto other trees can also weaken and crack, and then collapse at any time. Branches from those damaged trees can also fall without notice, risking costly property damage and injury to anyone below.

For safe, affordable fallen tree removal, rely on the pros here at Burlington Tree Care & Removal Service. We have 20 years of experience in cutting and then hauling away fallen trees, ensuring a safe removal for your property. To get started with your FREE quote, call today!

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Why Should You Call Us for Small Tree Removal?

Small tree removal for a Burlington property might seem like a simple DIY job, but digging up landscaping trees and other shrubbery can easily damage underground wires and pipes. Even decorative trees are also very cumbersome to remove, and often leave behind a larger pit than you might realize!

To ensure safe removal for even the smallest trees, shrubs, and other vegetation, call the experts here at Burlington Tree Care & Removal Service. We’ll inspect the tree before work begins and ensure an expert, damage-free removal.

Our services also include hauling away that tree, so you don’t need to worry about cutting down the wood and leaving it in your household trash. For more information about small tree removals, fill out our contact form or give us a call today.

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Safe, Affordable Large Tree Removal in Burlington

For safe, affordable large tree removal on Burlington properties, give us a call! Large tree removal is not a job for landscapers or general contractors, and often requires lots of branch pruning and trimming before the tree itself is cut.

Large, heavy trees also need proper cabling and bracing, to ensure they fall where expected and don’t snap during the removal process. Without the right cabling, bracing, and other precautions, that large tree can fall onto nearby property or workers, risking damage and severe injury!

Our highly-trained and experienced crew has the skills and knowhow needed to ensure expert removals for oversized trees, protecting your property and keeping you safe. We also use durable, commercial-grade equipment for removals, to get the job done quickly! For more information, give us a call.

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We Specialize in Emergency Tree Removal

When you need emergency tree removal in Burlington, don’t hesitate to give us a call! Snapped trees resting on other trees or outbuildings can topple at any time, risking serious injury and costly property damage.

Leaning or diseased trees also risk falling without notice, and should be removed as quickly as possible. Branches from dead and decaying trees can also snap without warning, landing on nearby roofs, cars, fences, and even people!

If you need emergency services, call us here at Burlington Tree Care & Removal Service. We pride ourselves in offering fast response times for emergency situiatons. Don’t put off making that call if you notice a dangerous tree on your property, but call us for affordable, reliable tree removal when you need it!

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Tree Removal and Care: Our Crew Knows What to Do!

North Carolina is a beautiful state in which to live and raise a family, but its unpredictable weather can often mean damaged or fallen trees littering a property. Trees damaged during a storm or those suffering disease and decay need immediate attention and fast removal, to keep your property safe and avoid the risk of injury.

For expert tree removal in Burlington, turn to the pros with over 20 years of industry experience, Burlington Tree Care & Removal Service. We know the challenges of maintaining healthy trees in the state and offer a full line of tree care and expert removal and stump grinding services. For your FREE quote, give us a call right now!

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"I required emergency tree services when an old oak near my house started leaning the wrong way! Thankfully, Burlington Tree Care & Removal Service was on the job the next day. They were even able to save our tree. If you're ever in need of any tree care services, call them, definitely recommend!"
- Meryl S.

Our Local Burlington, NC Service Areas

Burlington Tree Care & Removal Service is the area’s leading provider of tree care and removal services. Call us for a FREE quote on tree services in our Burlington services areas of Mebane, Graham, Gibsonville, Elon, Ossipee, and everything in between! We offer a full line of tree services including pruning, branch removal, tree removal, and stump grinding, and stand behind all our work with a full guarantee. To find out more, call us right now!

Protect Your Property With Reliable, Affordable Tree Services in Burlington!

Your property deserves nothing less than the best tree services in Burlington, which is what you’ll get when you call Burlington Tree Care & Removal Service. FREE quotes, convenient appointments. Call us at (336) 490-9111
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