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Professional land clearing in Burlington is an excellent choice for pre-construction, ensuring your lot is ready for a new home or other structure. Land clearing services also help to clear a vacant or occupied lot in preparation for new landscaping or plantings or to simply “tidy up” an overgrown area.

Thorough land clearing in Burlington is not a DIY job! Even if you could rent a bobcat or other heavy-duty equipment, pulling up tree roots and breaking down stumps and overgrown shrubbery is difficult and downright dangerous for amateurs. Not knowing the right tools and techniques can also make the job more time-consuming than it needs to be!

For expert, thorough land clearing that leaves your property damage-free, call on the pros here at Burlington Tree Care & Removal Services. We provide full-service, affordable land and brush clearing, ensuring a safe, clean lot or property with every project. To find out more or get started with your FREE quote, give us a call today!

Contractors performing land clearing in Burlington.
A fallen tree needing land clearing in Burlington.

When You Need Professional Land Clearing in Burlington

While it’s recommended to call land clearing companies in Burlington before new home construction, consider full-scale clearing for smaller installations, such as a pool, large shed, garage, or patio. Land clearing makes excavation, leveling, and other such services much easier overall.

Professional land clearing services in Burlington also make new planting much easier overall. If you’re planning a large garden or small farm, or want to rework your current landscaping completely, land and brush clearing makes it much easier to till and otherwise prepare the soil.

Neglected properties also benefit from full land and brush clearing in Burlington! Rather than struggling to remove overgrown shrubs and fallen trees by hand, call our tree company to improve your property’s appearance instantly.

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Stay Safe With Expert Land Clearing in Burlington

Pulling out trees and shrubs and other land clearings for Burlington properties can result in costly damage when done incorrectly. Tree roots often wrap themselves around buried foundation concrete, wires, cables, and other fixtures, while pulling up shrubs and hedges can mean dangerous excavations!

It’s especially vital to rely on expert land clearing services in Burlington when trees are growing close to overhead power lines, to ensure those lines don’t get snagged in tree branches during the excavation process. Pulling up trees and shrubs near fences and decks without first bracing those structures can mean seeing them collapse into that excavation, resulting in costly damage.

For safe yet thorough land clearing, call the pros at Burlington Tree Care & Removal Service. We offer expert services and a full guarantee you can trust. To find out more or get started with your FREE quote, give us a call today!

A contractor cutting down hedges for land clearing in Burlington.
Contractors performing land clearing in Burlington.

Go Out On a Limb and Contact Burlington Tree Care & Removal Service

To keep your property safe and damage-free, call us for land clearing services in Burlington! We start every project with a full inspection, ensuring we choose the best clearing methods while avoiding damage to underground structures. We also haul away all debris, so you don’t need to worry about renting dumpsters or wood chippers or trying to dispose of brush in your everyday rubbish!

Here at Burlington Tree Care & Removal Service, we have over 20 years of experience in the land clearing near Burlington and surrounding cities, so we know what to expect when it comes to local vegetation and shrubbery. We’ve built a solid reputation among land clearing companies for providing expert services that are second to none.

We provide FREE quotes for every job, and ensures all your questions are answered every step of the way. Before you go another day with an unkempt, dangerously overgrown lot or attempt needed land clearing on your own, give us a call for your free consultation!



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"I required emergency tree services when an old oak near my house started leaning the wrong way! Thankfully, Burlington Tree Care & Removal Service was on the job the next day. They were even able to save our tree. If you're ever in need of any tree care services, call them, definitely recommend!"
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Other Services Available

Burlington Tree Care & Removal Service is the company to call for all your tree services in Burlington as well as expert property maintenance. We offer full-scale tree care, including disease and infestation management, to save trees you wish to keep. We also specialize in precise trimming and branch removal services, and can quickly and easily remove dead trees or tree stumps for your property.

To ensure your commercial property is as safe and attractive as your own backyard, call Burlington Tree Care & Removal Service for expert tree services in Burlington. We can remove overgrown branches encroaching on power lines or otherwise posing a hazard to your property, and ensure your stunning mature trees receive the expert pruning they need to stay healthy over the years.

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Your property deserves nothing less than the best tree services in Burlington, which is what you’ll get when you call Burlington Tree Care & Removal Service. FREE quotes, convenient appointments. Call us at (336) 490-9111
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